Coaching Services

What is coaching?

Fast-tracking it up the corporate ladder? Ready to play your biggest, most high-stakes, most exciting game yet? Or perhaps there is a teammate with immense untapped potential waiting to be unleashed.
Executive business coaching provides customized, individual staff development that results in cost effective, efficient and long-lasting change. NRG Beyond Measure coaches work with individuals and groups to bring about sustainable learning and accelerated changes in behavior and performance. Our professionally trained and qualified coaches offer individualized coaching solutions both face-to-face and via telephone to transform your career and your life.

  • Articulate your personal vision and unique ability
  • Discover your deepest values and passions
  • Develop and hone your listening, communication and presentation styles
  • Rise above office politics and games
  • Enhance your level of self-awareness and personal responsibility
  • Accomplish your life purpose

Who can benefit from coaching?

Formerly reserved for high-level executives, coaching is now valued as an extremely effective and efficient staff development tool at all organizational levels. In fact, many managers are now adopting the coaching paradigm as their management style (see Essential Managerial Toolkit). NRG Beyond Measure employs expert coaches who have broad professional experience in a variety of industries, as well as experience working with people in senior level executive positions to support staff.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching develops fast-trackers and high performing leaders. The coach provides an objective, neutral sounding board to discuss challenges, perspectives, opportunities and options. NRG coaches allow executives and managers the space to step out of their daily routine to strategize new visions to achieve their organizational vision and goals.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is an ideal platform for high functioning teams who want to take their productivity to the next level. The group coaching dynamic creates an unparalleled shared experience that connects and bonds team members with communication, unity and clarity.

Partnership Coaching for Professional Service Firms

The most powerful, effective and successful professional partnerships often need a third party to objectively and professionally facilitate regular meetings. A high-powered combination of executive and team coaching, partnership coaching allows your professional partners to access the brilliance of an expert coach who knows your organization and field for objective, confidential and neutral facilitation. NRG coaches can facilitate brainstorming sessions and difficult conversations which streamlines communication and brings overall balance. The results include professional and politic-free meetings, cost-efficient interactions, personal and professional leadership development and a shared vision.

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