Communication Solutions

The “communication culture” of your business can be either the supple glue that binds and cements powerful relationships, or the crumbling mortar weakening your structure. NRG’s exceptional communication solutions provide a strong foundation to:

  • Simplify and streamline processes for greater productivity
  • Increase individual accountability, motivation and talent retention
  • Empower strong teams for effectiveness and accomplishment
  • Reduce the stress of managing performance and organizational change
  • Create a positive, politic-free environment that supports individual excellence and contribution to a shared vision

Impressive Exchanges

Essential Interpersonal and Communication Skills

What are the essential ingredients of powerful communication? Identify and master your ability to communicate your core message with skill, agility, diplomacy and integrity. More…



Power Through Clarity

Maximizing Influence for Results

Broadening your influence is about deepening communication, not increasing manipulation. Learn critical influencing skills to accomplish win-win results in team, cross-functional, consortium or committee environments where direct authority is limited. More…


Focus is Genius

Establishing a Mindset for Success

It’s all in your head – your unique genius, that is. You’ve already got what it takes – learn how to access and implement those brilliant revenue-producing ideas and powerful plans to bring them to life. More…


Ultimate Attitude Adjustment

Aligning Values and Communication Style

“It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” This workshop is for promising employees and teams who are falling short of their full potential due to difficulties in relating to others. Learn to align personal values and behavior for maximum impact. More…


Synchronized Power Teams

Taking Team Performance From “Acceptable” to “WOW!”

Winning teams achieve a “one mind” focus that generates and propels synchronicities and synergies – and the whole truly becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Learn and apply the secrets of super-achieving teams to your group endeavor. More…



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