Executive Modules

Extraordinary leadership requires exceptional listening and communication abilities. Influential and charismatic leaders know how to energize their performance outcomes – both in generating bottom-line results and “on stage.” The NRG executive module is specifically for motivated executives who are ready to think, speak and act with clarity of vision and professional integrity.

  • Articulate a clear vision and consistent message
  • Influence and inspire subordinates, colleagues and collaborators
  • Avert a crisis or diffuse a difficult situation
  • Engage and entertain an audience
  • Increase individual accountability, motivation and talent retention
  • Empower strong teams for effectiveness and accomplishment

Managers, Listen Up!

Stop Talking and Start Listening for Results

Your people will tell you exactly what they value, need and how they want to be treated. Are you listening? Learn authentic listening skills that foster trust, commitment and performance for extraordinary results. More…


The Essential Managerial Toolkit

Strategic Coaching Skills for Exceptional Results

Activate your department’s potential with performance enhancement tools that maximize individual and team capabilities. Learn to simultaneously support and challenge your staff with simple, yet highly effective coaching skills. More…


“Difficult” Conversations Made Easy

Performance Feedback That Works

No one likes to have “difficult” conversations, but who said they had to be difficult? Learn how to provide continuous effective feedback to bridge the gap between “so-so” and stellar performance. More…


Visionary Leadership

Articulate and Implement Your Vision For Success

The most respected, effective and charismatic leaders unleash their creativity and expert communication skills to paint a vivid vision that inspires enthusiasm and action in others. Learn to align the “doing-ness” of business with the “being-ness” of visionary leadership. More…


Making the “Dream Team”

Creating and Leading Synchronized Power Teams

This intensive workshop is designed to empower you with the necessary skills to create, devlop and lead a highly powerful syncronized team. In a highly interactive and practical atmosphere you will gain the new insights, skills and knoweldge you need to lead a world-class team. More...


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