Learning Competencies of all NRG Experiences

Dual learning opportunities for both skill set (action) and mind set (attitude) competencies : What sets NRG Beyond Measure apart from every other communication, presentation, sales or executive training program is our unique blend of action and attitude learning competencies that are weaved throughout every workshop.

Accountability: Takes both responsibility and accountability.

  • Takes 100% responsibility and accountability for own words, thoughts and actions.
  • Allows others to be equally responsible and accountable.

Visionary Approach: Clearly sees and articulates the desired personal , team and organizational outcomes.

  • Focuses thoughts and ideas on the end goal while attending to the business at hand.
  • Understands the direct correlation between the goal and one’s thoughts and attitudes about the goal.
  • Recognizes that sustained success is contingent upon the alignment of thoughts, behaviors and attitudes .

Mindset of Success: Recognizes and understands how the formless thoughts and ideas of the mind impact one’s reality.

  • Consistently is aware and maintains the desired vision.
  • Identifies and excavates roadblocks that do not foster the vision.
  • Anchors in constructive and productive concepts that sustain the desired goals and objectives.

Determination: Commits that the vision is a top priority. Choice of thoughts, attitudes and behavior reflect this priority.

  • Dispatches and employs all resources to manifest the desired outcome.
  • Aligns a successful internal mindset with external skills to generate results.

Communication: Knowledgeable , skilled and proficient in effective communication that impresses and inspires.

  • “Listens for” important information objectively with patience and tolerance.
  • Asks powerful questions with respect.
  • Identifies when others are mirroring concerns and judgments.

Expansiveness: Recognizes that a bigger, stronger game can be played – and sees that this concept, project, deal or environment can be larger, faster, higher- impact and more productive than initially thought .

  • Appreciates and works with “what is,” while simultaneously sees a bigger, more inclusive picture.
  • Adds value to peers, clients and projects with a macro view of what “could be.”

Power of Acknowledgment: A rticulates appropriate and authentic recognition of “what is true” to peers, subordinates, supervisors and colleagues.
Aware of the difference between a compliment and an acknowledgment, and knows the role and impact of each in business.

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