Making the “Dream Team”

Creating and Leading Synchronized Power Teams

Imagine your “Dream Team.” The vision, purpose and goals are clearly articulated. The team works synergistically and syncronistically to achieve high levels of performance. You are leading the team with confidence and without overwhelment. You do what you do best, and others regualrly step up to the plate to lead from their best. You lead a team where the whole truly becomes greater than the parts. This intensive workshop is designed to empower you with the necessary skills to create, devlop and lead a highly powerful syncronized team. In a highly interactive and practical atmosphere you will gain the new insights, skills and knoweldge you need to lead a world-class team.

Making the Dream Team is intended for exclusively managers .
Schychronized Power Teams is intended for the entire team.

You will learn to:

  • Articulate your vision for success and engage your team in a “one-mind” focus
  • Align individual and collective values to maximize team performance and satisfaction
  • Lead from your unique strenghts and capitalize on the strengths of the team
  • Create a mindset and goals that inspire “super-performance”
  • Utilize powerful team processes to maximize creativity and effectiveness
  • Apply the fundamental principles of high performance teams to your situation
  • Coach individuals and the team to their best performance both individually and
  • collectively
  • Use conflict and diversity to create an even greater result
  • Work with teams that cross geographical and cultural boundaries
  • Create an atmosphere of passion, performance, collaboration and celebration

Who will benefit:

Leaders who:

  • Desire to maximize their team productivity and increase their leadership capabilities
  • Want new skills for maximizing group and individual performance
  • Know the power of a leader to develop the leader in others


  • 5-15 Leaders (max)
  • 2 day intesive workshop with two facilitators
  • 3 months of integration including:
    • Integrative exercises
    • 2 coaching sessions per person per month
    • 1 conference call per month for continued group learning and support
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