Sales Modules

Top performers know that they are the bridge between their product and the customer – and that their thoughts, mindset and communication style can make or break the deal. NRG’s learning facilitators areexceptional performers who share their simple, yet powerful, strategies to build sales easily and with intent:

  • Expand the capacity of top performers with coaching support
  • Challenge under-performers to self-motivate
  • Increase individual accountability, motivation and talent retention
  • Empower strong teams with communication skills strategies for effectiveness and accomplishment
  • Directly impact revenue goals through fail-proof customer validation
  • Deliver immediate return on time investment

Account Execs, Listen Up!

Stop Talking and Start Listening For Increased Sales

Your customers will tell you exactly what they want and need to close the deal. Are you listening? Learn subtle but effective communication strategies that will maximize your sales potential. More…


The Authentic Advantage

Evolved Sales Skills for Energy Power Selling

When you look into your customer’s eyes, what do you see? Dollar signs, a means to an end or a person? Integrity and respect matter – learn and use the “Rules of Engagement” for authentic sales interactions and watch your profits soar. More…


The Sales Manager’s Power Team Toolkit

Strategic Coaching Skills for Maximizing Sales Productivity

Inspire your team to sell more with dramatic performance enhancement tools that maximize individual and team performance. Learn to simultaneously support and challenge your sales team with simple, yet highly effective coaching skills. More…


Envisioning Your Biggest Game

Leveraging Attention and Intention for Unlimited Success

Successful sales careers don’t just “happen” – top producers know how to deliberately create and expand their capacity for extraordinary sales performance. Learn how to tap into the unlimited power of your mind to imagine and implement your biggest game yet. More…


Outrageously Successful Marketing

Easily Attract an Abundance of Amazing Customers

Be creative, rather than reactive – the difference is the “c” – how we “see” our experience. This workshop is based on Jan Stringer’s book Attracting Perfect Customers. Learn how to draw sales opportunities to you by modifying your thoughts and energy. More…


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